ABB and Porsche drive forward e-mobility

ABB and Porsche reach new and exclusive partnership to jointly promote e-mobility.


Insight into the future of engineering

REO UK shares some of the top-level insight explored in the company’s latest book.

Embedded firewall protects automotive systems

By 2022, more than two-thirds of new cars on American roads will have online connections to their safety-critical system, putting them at risk of deadly hacks.

How to stop a speeding train

REO UK explains how braking resistors will be crucial for stopping the world’s fastest trains.

IoT: The risks of relying on tech

Pailton Engineering explains why the use of IoT technology isn’t enough to mitigate for longstanding automotive design issues.

NXP chip turns smartphones into car keys

NXP Semiconductors launches new automotive UWB IC to give spatial awareness to UWB-equipped cars.

New research shows UK auto industry is leading Europe in tackling climate change

Latest figures reported by Protolabs show nearly half of UK’s auto firms are committing significant resources to HEVs.

Electric memory steering column arrives to bus market

Pailton Engineering has released its new electric memory steering column, allowing steering wheel position to automatically adjust for drivers.

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