Chemical Engineering


Achieving bubble-free mixing

Intertronics explains the benefits of planetary centrifugal mixers and whether an atmospheric or vacuum type mixer is needed.


Could plastic waste fuel a greener future?

Quantafuel’s goal of turning non-recyclable plastic into liquid fuel gets supportive boost with Sulzer’s separation technologies.

False aftermarket PAGs threaten compressor performance

Shrieve explains why knowledge of PAG composition is more crucial now than ever.

Protecting compressors from Winter blues

With winter approaching, Gardner Denver offers five tips for ensuring compressors remain functional.

What’s the point of retrofitting pumps?

Sulzer explores the potential benefits of retrofitting pumps in the process and petrochemical industry.

Seeq expands support for chemical industry

Advanced analytics solutions provider is extending its support for the chemicals industry

Definitive water industry guide to chemical bunding

WES Ltd has published an in-depth whitepaper explaining the necessity for chemical bunds.

Hydraulic oil oxidation explained

Millers Oils explains what oil oxidation means, how to spot it and the best preventative measures.

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