British Safety Council’s priorities for next government

The BSC writes to main political party leaders to make policy commitments on occupational health, safety and wellbeing


Achieving bubble-free mixing

Intertronics explains the benefits of planetary centrifugal mixers and whether an atmospheric or vacuum type mixer is needed.

Could plastic waste fuel a greener future?

Quantafuel’s goal of turning non-recyclable plastic into liquid fuel gets supportive boost with Sulzer’s separation technologies.

Training and development for the future of engineering

Renishaw explores how engineering businesses can develop skills in-house.

When will electric aircraft take off?

EU Automation shares some recent developments in electric aircraft and discusses where the industry will go next.

Avoiding shocks when electrifying rail

REO UK explains the importance of ensuring the components underpinning electric trains are carefully considered.

More cars, less pollution

Matmatch explains how platinum group metals can help achieve lower carbon emissions from vehicles.

False aftermarket PAGs threaten compressor performance

Shrieve explains why knowledge of PAG composition is more crucial now than ever.

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