Teysha CTO joins National Academy of Inventors

Karen L. Wooley, of plastic substitute specialist Teysha Technologies, is to be inducted into the National Academy of Inventors (NAI) as a 2019 NAI Fellow.


Which alloy springs to mind?

TFC explains the suitability of different alloys for specific environments.

Telecoms specialist appointed as segment owner

Exel Composites has appointed Juha Pesonen as segment owner for telecoms.

Wear resistance: the underlying property in modern steels

Matmatch examines why wear resistant steels are vital to modern, enhanced production.

How material selection influenced Tesla’s cybertruck

Matmatch examines the influence of material selection in the design and aesthetic of Tesla’s unique vehicle.

The fall of friction in bearings

SMB Bearings explains how future surface treatments, including innovations in graphene, could enable better bearing wear.

Aerogel: remarkable insulating material of the future

Matmatch, explores the material properties and possibilities of the unqiue substances known as aerogels.

The push and pull of composite manufacturing

Exel Composites looks at the options when selecting composite materials for manufacturing.

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